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Our Vision

Ex-NFL running back and Heisman Trophy winner, Ricky Williams, is playing on a whole new field in the documentary “Out of Bounds”. Instead of running down the sidelines like he did in days gone by he’ll be running around the world in the days to come. And his only goal is discovery. Audiences will join Ricky as he treks across the world in search of current and ancient methods of alternative and complementary healing. The game plan is simple – he wants to start a conversation about options. And while he’s at it possibly redefine the meaning of the word “healer.” In other words -- there really are no boundaries in this game called life…

  • 11 intriguing locations

    4 Months of discovery

  • 11 intriguing locations

    4 Months of healing

  • 11 intriguing locations

    4 Months of learning