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Pre - Game

Through the eyes of Ricky Williams, a celebrated sports figure, Heisman trophy winner, ex-NFL running back and devout healer, millions of lives will be changed by the documentary Out of Bounds. This film will inspire and give hope to those who crave a happier and healthier lifestyle by understanding the mind-body-spirit connection and how an integrated approach brings about the best results.

Our mission includes: providing people choices to facilitate wellness in all areas of their lives; understanding the limitations of current medical options; recognizing how stress and life choices impact health and happiness; indentifying new options for treatment of chronic illness brought about by lifestyle choices and providing tools to aid in healing the body, the mind, and the spirit to correct and prevent illness.

  • 11 intriguing locations

    4 Months of discovery

  • 11 intriguing locations

    4 Months of healing

  • 11 intriguing locations

    4 Months of learning